The best options, in your best interest       



Curing fresh concrete, Heavy duty repairs, Surface Restoration, Industrial & Decorative Coatings, Dustproofing & Sealing.

Deep Scarifying, Shaving, Heavy Concrete Grinding, Honing and Polishing, Paint & Glue Removal, Shot blasting, Floor preparation, levelling, Regrading, Control joint filling, Crack repair.

Concrete cutting service. Sidewalk trip hazard removal, horizonal curb cutting, full depth trench cutting, sump pits, ZERO dust or emissions.

Canadian Rubber surfaces for interior and exterior. Great product, delivered at great prices.  

Your best interest & option diversity. We suggest what it best for you long term.      

You will have the piece of mind in knowing we will do everything to keep your project moving forward without sacrificing quality or site safety.


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